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Alternative medicine and the auto mechanic

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The Auto Mechanic

Several years ago, while doing a remodeling job, I met a young guy fixing a car on the street. He had his own business, and was working on a customers’ car. It seemed like a really good deal for the both of them. She got to have her car fixed, without the nuisance of going to and from the shop twice, he got to have his own business.
Instead of the $30 an hour or so he would get as a piece worker, he was now charging what an auto shop would charge, $100 an hour. Instead of putting up with what the boss says, he was the boss.
This is what I have found with my carpentry business. What I like best about it is choosing my own work hours, working in a house instead of a construction site, and dealing with nice people.
The auto mechanic had a panel van, and a roof he could pull over the work spot of he wanted to. He said that he could re-build a motor with the tools he had there, but never did. He could do anything that he could in a fixed garage.
It seemed like a pretty good deal all round, and I wondered why more people didn’t do it.

Alternative Medicine 101…1/5/10….written originally for my sons, if they will even read it( I know their mom won’t)…………….

If you want to detox your body from the many chemicals we are exposed to these days, which the body is ill equipped to handle, start simple, and work your way up.
The start will be food. Go to the Weston A. Price foundation website, and read up on nutrition. Try to lead up to an organic, and grass-fed diet. Try to think of how people ate 200 years ago, avoid factory products, do some research.
Some people say that an all raw food diet will cure many diseases. This is because the body craves many of the nutrients, which otherwise are cooked off, and processed out. There is a lot written on it. Some doctors claim that they have patients with no more interest in alchohol and tobacco, once they get on a 75% raw food diet. There is some proof from this that drug addiction is a nutritional deficiency disease. Try to eat as much raw as you can. You can start with just one fruit or vegetable salad a day.
Don’t ask me why, and it may be the unconscious result of writing this, but I have gone over to an almost 100% raw diet. Something about cravings that I don’t understand. The fruit salads in the mournings that make me salivate to think of them, then the mayonnaise on top of the cilantro and tomatoe salad (with whatever else is in the house). Anyway, I’m keeping it up for as long as it lasts.

Water may be even more important than food. Get a water filter, and drink lots of water. It is hard to get the floride out of the water, unfortunately, along with all the pharmecutical drugs that pass on through the body. These are terrible pollutants, with little proof that they are beneficial. The birth control pills may be the worst of these. In the same class as the now illegal steroid drugs, they frequently cause male fish to become female, and, in England, it has been found that as many as half the men are now infertile due to this cause.
On top of this, most birth control pills work in two ways, one of which is by preventing implantation of the fertilized egg. Science being what it is, we now know that those entirely new chromosomes that come into existence when the mother and the fathers’ dna material mix, remain virtually the same until the death of the creature. Abortion is always a tragedy. Everyone agrees on that. If you must use the pill, then try to get the one that does not prevent implantation.
Quite a few social organizations, from old hippies on The Farm in Tennessee, to the Catholic Church (quite a spread there, eh!), advocate natural family planning. This uses cervical mucous, basal temperature, and other advancements in medicine, to give a system equally as effective as the pill, without the down side. It is not as good for women with irregular cycles, but it is proven to hold couples together. Part of this is the required time of abstinence, which allows men to see women more as biological entities in their own right, than just as sex providers. Many people say that lust destroys more lives than greed does.

Did you know that sex and morphine set off the same reaction in the brain? I mean the same chemicals? Seems like sex is quite addicting, but I never heard of this kind of addiction being cured by raw food. You actually don’t hear about it much. Last I saw someone admitting it in the press, it was old Mayor Barry, of Washington, D.C.

This may actually be in inverse order, but next we have exercise. The human body (and the brain is a large part of it) has 200 million years of evolution in close relationship to clean air, water, food, and lots of hard exercise, out in bright sunlight. Think about it, how is the species going to evolve in fifty years, or a hundred? So now, we have a race of couch potatoes, living on highly processed food, filled with deadly chemicals, swilling down untold sodas, instead of water, and 100 years ago, the FDA was trying to outlaw them as being dangerous! Is it any wonder that diseases such as cancer are shooting off the chart, should surely be declared an epidemic, and a failure of our so-called health care system? Americans spend twice as much as any other country on it, yet we are number twenty on the list of health and longetivity, the last of the developed countries. If you think the Big Pharma companies don’t rule our economy, then please explain why the above facts do not show up in the talk of health care reform?

So, enough ranting, back to exercise. Any athlete will avoid depression, have a good self- image, and be confident, as will many who work physical exercise jobs. All would do well to practice yoga. One study showed that of the 2500 or so respondents, from 60% to 90% of them, with every kind of disease imaginable, received significant relief from the symptoms by simply doing yoga. It is an ancient, scientific system of exercise, which builds the muscles, stretches the skeleton back into its natural position, and massages the internal organs. It includes breathing excercises. Did you know that 70% of heart patients are shallow breathers, and that some doctors cure many diseases just by teaching proper diaphragmatic (deep) breathing?

The best short book on alternative and complimentary medicina that I have ever read was written by an old emergency room doctor. “ Bursting with Energy”, by Dr, Frank Shallenberger, covers just about everything. The section on exercise will be good for everybody. He says some people work out too hard to achieve their aims, and that without sufficient exercise, the so-called aspects of aging will rear their ugly heads. He invented a machine that tests the oxygen carrying capacity of the body at the cellular level, covers deep breathing, diet, and vitamins in a lively way. I gave a copy to my Doctor, her partner grabbed it, and she had to buy a copy of her own! Pretty well written, eh?

One of the things Frank goes into is modern fats. Most of them are extremely unhealthy, especially the hydrogenated ones. Grass raised animals provide the correct proportion of cholesterols (the good and the bad, or, the omega 3, and the omega 6 fatty acids). The human brain is composed of over 90 % pure cholesterol, so if the proportions of natural fats are not correct, it is logical that the brain would misfunction, isn’t it? Add to this simple observation the widespread incidence of mental disease, and we have quite a problem, don’t we?
Did you know that recent psychiatric studies show 15% of the American population have an acute mental disorder, and that after hurricane Katrina, it went to 30%? Stress is one thing, and proper nutrition, helping the body to deal with stress, is another. Doctor Howell, in his “Enzyme Nutrition”, wisely points out that wild animals have lots more stress than we do, but, one thing they have that we do not have, is a 100% raw food diet, filled with all the enzymes that are powerhouses for the body. He says that there is not a single metabolic function that does not require enzymes (a type of protein), and that when they are diverted to food processing in the body, they are diverted away from their true function as metabolic scavengers, keeping the body healthy. Heating food much above 110 degrees F. will kill all the enzymes.

I did say this was written in reverse order, didn’t I? Well, a Russian doctor, studying the extremely long lived people in soviet Georgia, found that living in a house with all of the generations represented is the best way to lead a long and happy life. Oh, He dealt with diet, exercise, clean air, food, and all that. But, think about it, babies, toddlers, young people, and people of all ages each have a different world-view, and it is extremely stimulating to be around them; lots of feedback, and caring…….

My friend Harly lived to be close to a hundred ( he re-married at the age of 84, to a woman eighteen years his junior, and outlived her, too).He was doing well up to the end, though harder to talk to. His secret, he told me, was to swill down an ounce of raw liver in the mourning, blended in with orange juice.
His son Fritz died from colon cancer soon after, despite being a complete diet and exercise freak. I found out (see that the seated position, atop our porcelain thrones, is completely unnatural, a historical first, and the cause of much reproductive and gastrointestinal tract disease.
When I was in India, all of the travelers there really liked the squatting position, to a one acclaiming that it got the load out, and made one feel fresher. Seems that the two valves that operate the lower colon don’t work well while seated. It also puts pressure on the nerve passing near the pubic bone, and causes nerve damage. It is believed by many to cause prostate cancer. Black men in America, for instance, have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world, while in Africa, it is virtually unknown. Every possible factor was studied, and compared, the conclusion being the bowel function factor.
Seems like there are a lot of things in this world that can hurt us, meanwhile we remain unaware, sad but true. Try to read something everyday, at least twenty minutes of it, you will learn something new, and it will be quite stimulating. I look at each book as a whole new world, and good ones really get my imagination to spin. It is also a great way to put yourself to sleep at night, stimulating, while also dreamlike and relaxing.

The rats given a limited diet, and a new toy each day, died with larger brains, after having lived longer. They were clearly excited each mourning, waiting for their daily treat of a new toy. So, my new toy is writing every mourning, what’s yours?

Some other good ways to detox, perhaps the best, and so wisely left for last, are cilantro, miso, heavy dose vitamins (including fermented fish oil), and saunas. Saunas are the most fun, and the near infrared saunas are said to do the most good. Miso, along with a macrobiotic diet, was consumed by 90% of the atomic bomb survivors in Japan.
Anyone with lots of x-rays under their belt, or, especially, some cat scans, at 200 times the dose of a regular x-ray, will have a dose similar to what the a-bomb survivors had. So, where is our nanny government, that is supposed to protect us from all this shit?

Cilantro is a well know old detoxer, and it tastes good.

Saunas are the best way to bathe, and much is written on this type of heat therapy. Is it any wonder that so many cultures throughout the world have had their saunas, hot baths, steam rooms, and sweat lodges? These are frequently used in purification ceremonies, as a spiritual exercise, and as a prelude to more.
Just yesterday I was feeling depressed, on a bleak winter day, mulling over how some malicious people had treated me. I took a long, hot (get it as hot as you can!) bath, and, well, there is a lot to be said for heat therapy, as I felt a lot better, making jokes, and outgoing again.
Since these people left my important work tools out for several hours, in a place where anyone could steal them, I have to look at this as malicious. I always felt that a working-mans’ tools were sacred, necessary for his existence. They also lied, and so angered themselves against me, that they decided to rob me of $2400 due on the contract, most of it already done. Oh, I did do some things wrong there, and I do believe the job was jinxed, but nothing to substantiate such rude behavior.
So, I guess I should not trust Catholic couples, recently married, or is it mid-twenties professionals, or, should I merely not trust people who work for the patent office, or as computer programmer nerds(LOL)?
Less that a year ago, I was robbed of $500 to finish a contract, and $13, 000 on contracts they were ready to sign, because the wife got all mad, and lied, saying that I myself had lied in saying that I had already put a second coat of paint on the garage. All of these thefts, at a time when I am making half what I used to, and my wife is sick. I wonder how many people ever even consider the status of the person they are bad mouthing, and treating bad?
This, of course, gives me the opportunity to not treat other people wrong, in any way. I try, and don’t think I’ve done anything so wrong as this in quite some time.
Some time ago, I was reading the Dalai Lama, and he was talking about a Tibetan freedom fighter, captured and tortured by the Chinese. Though an atheist, he figured that to keep himself whole, he would have to forgive his torturers, and quite actively forgive them. He breathed deeply, and took in all their maliciousness, on the exhale sending out love to them, this is how he kept from being destroyed, turned into a slave of hate.
I have found that forgiveness is not for the perpetrator, but for the victim, so as not to carry such a heavy load of anger around (and I was raised by an abusive alchoholic parent, so I know what I am talking about!). Hey, that person who offended you may deserve imprisonment, or the electric chair, but his just deserts, and your love for him, are two entirely different things……..

The only man to ever get two unshared Nobel peace prizes lost his funding when he discovered the benefits of Vitamin C. Seems kind of odd, doesn’t it, at least until you understand that the media is controlled by its advertisers, and research is similarly controlled. Look up Orthomolecular Medicine, it is a fascinating subject.
Well, even more controversial, and with many centuries of research, and many adherents, is eating clay. No, dummy, do not just go into your backyard, and start munching on dirt. It might be good for you, but you are better to do some research, and get the right kind. There is substantial evidence that it removes toxic compounds, and rejuvenates the colon. If I remember correctly, it is used in the space station, and in emergency rooms.
I also take one half teaspoon of Vitamin C, and one half teaspoon of baking soda, with some stevia, every mourning. After meals, I take some fermented fish oil, in capsules, and lots of vitamins. Check out Dr. Ron’s website.

It would be remiss of me to write about detoxification, and not to mention the Dr. Hulda Clark liver flush. You can find details on this, and on Zappers, which build health electronically, online. You can buy a ten dollar zapper, at, and give it a try. It is supposed to kill parasites, which we all have so many of, unwillingly.
The liver flush is an old method, which involves some fasting, and then the timed consumption of olive oil, and grapefruit juice. This stimulates the gall bladder to pass stones, and it does. The literature, and my own experience show this to be true. She says, though, that these are not gall stones, that they reside in the liver, and clog up its’ function. As I only got out a few stones, it didn’t seem worth it to me to do the whole process a third time. Also, it made me lose some weight, and I am trying to gain weight. Some people get out lots of stones, and here is the benefit, the safe removal of kidney stones, without surgery? They don’t teach that in school (not the liver part, or the safe removal part), so lots of Dr.’s don’t believe it, nor do they try it themselves. So now you know the general attitude that leaves me wondering if I should ever trust an M.D. for much of anything.

Actually, I gained 20 lbs. of hard muscle in six weeks of Tai-kwon-do, and looked like Michaelangelos’ David, but it was so much work. In fact one poor part or another of my body was always aching, so I was glad when my boys wanted to move on to Hopkido, a much gentler sport. This is the art of twisting the opponents’ arm around, and getting painful locks. Perfect for preventing date rape, all women should know it. My wife loved the muscles, but they went away, along with the hard labor. Also, when my back muscles get big, my arms are pushed more forwards, and it feels funny. Maybe I am just so used to being a scholastic sort, that going over to being a jock is too much of a shock to me.

Don’t know if I want to keep on going, or to wrap this one up, but for now, duty calls, or boredom anyway, so I’m signing off………………..

Oops, hey, hey, bet you thought I was leaving off garlic. Well, it is very basic and well known. It should be fresh, organic, and in a garlic press, it is a bit easier to eat, than merely chopped up. So much is written on garlic, and its positive effect on the body, it is an astounding plant. Lots of other plants and foods are good for the immune system, for detoxing, and for various parts of the body.
I just bought “Herbs”, by Leslie Bremness, at Borders, a discount book. It is great, good pictures, some common foods with medicinal uses, nothing quite beats buying a good book, at the cost of a magazine.

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